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How do I create written content for B2B audiences?

In order to create written content for B2B audiences there are a number of things to keep in mind.

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Draft, draft, draft
  3. Try and include a story
  4. Have someone else read it
  5. Publish and share
  6. Re-visit

First, and most importantly, keep it simple!

This is especially true for companies who have a highly technical service or solution.

Your audience will understand some of the more technical stuff, but most will be lost. This is often an issue with product brochures!

Without a doubt you will have heard the expression;

“if you can’t explain it simply you don’t know what it means”.

This is very true for your short and long form written content, blogs, whitepapers, brochures, pillar pages etc.

As a rule of thumb, you should be trying to create content that could be read by the average 14-year-old.

written content for B2B audiences

Draft, draft, draft. Don’t rush written content for B2B audiences.

Do not expect that the first copy you create will be the one you end up using.

Your first draft is exactly that.

Yours, and…

A draft.

Good content doesn’t have to be long winded, but it does need to be clear and well written.

Easy to understand helps with this. The easier your language, and the less you use technobabble the clearer your writing will be.

Of course this means you cannot rush it. Especially if you are prone to using industry jargon.

You may well end up going through several versions before you are happy and before you have achieved rule number 1.

As you do this you will focus your message more and more.

And you will start to simplify the content to make it easy to read, understand and engage with.

Try and include a story.

This isn’t always possible but should be done whenever it is. For companies with a B2B software product client stories can work well.

It may just be a few lines early in the content, it may be weaved into the whole piece.

Humans are, by our very nature, fascinated by stories.

Stories are what allow us to understand and take in information.

We are driven to tell them, share them, read them, listen to them.

You could argue that stories are the backbone of our civilisations.

Great stories stay with us.

These may be funny, inspiring, thought provoking, but if they are told well people will recall them.

And you can be sure that if your audience is entertained then they will come back time and again.

Just ask Marvel…

Have someone else read it.

You may well be the only person in marketing in your business.

Time may be pressed even if you have a large team.

But please, make sure that someone else reads your content before you publish it.

By this stage you will have gone through multiple versions, and the expression “wood for the trees” comes in.

Spellcheck etc. are great tools, but flow and consistency needs a human eye.

In fact, having someone outside of marketing look can be healthy.

Your sales team, or management, may well have some insight that you didn’t.

They may well be able to add something great to the message.

And it could work the other way.

Your simplified content with a great story could inspire the next sales call!

Publish and share.

It is not enough that you just publish this great piece of content on your company website.

Unless you already have a huge volume of visitors regularly engaging.

If so, why are you still reading this?!

The reality is that as a smaller business exploring outbound marketing you are looking to drive interest.

Make sure that the author is listed as such when you publish the article.

Let them share this across their networks, LinkedIn, Twitter, Medium.

Make sure you do the same with your company accounts.

Have other members of the company like and comment.

Get this great article in front of as many people as possible.

Only by getting it out there can you hope to drive traffic and get valuable feedback.

Don’t just do this once, keep sharing it!

Every day for a week, with snippets taken out to whet the appetite.

After all, if you are spending this time creating something great you want it to be seen!

We can go into the best practices around this elsewhere though.

Re-visit written content for B2B audiences regularly.

Ok, ok, I know.

You spent ages on this great article, you can’t give it more time…

If it is that great, then you damned well should!

Giving content an uplift is a great way of boosting its views.

Again, we aren’t going to go into detail on this here but great content can be re-used many times.

All the time the core message is valid, and all the time the story works, this content can be re used.

Of course, there is the chance that despite your hard work the timing didn’t work out.

So what?

Give the article a chance and then get it out there again with a bit of a lift.

Making use of your best written content time and again will really boost you and your team.

It can save significant amounts of time in the longer run.

And each time you re-visit it will mean more chances to get great snippets out for social channels.

There is always more than we can include in one article.

With every subject there is always more than we can cover in a single article.

Creating written content for B2B audiences is no different.

As you explore this more you will have moments of clarity, and a lot of questions.

We didn’t touch on keyword searching, competitor keyword analysis etc. etc.

What we want to do is get you inspired, give you a boost of energy for getting going!

Everyone can create content, although not everyone can create written content.

Creating great written content takes time, dedication and energy.

You can always use a copy writer of course…