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BCMC Consulting… What?

We want to help & support you as you redefine your business for the modern era.​

This starts with getting to know you, your business & your teams. ​

Marketing is not just the responsibility of one team. Most companies don’t understand this. ​

The first step in the process is understanding where you are now, and helping you to understand where you could be.​

Over the course of a half day or full day session we will have you & the team: ​

  • Thinking about why you do what you do. ​
  • What it is that makes you unique. ​
  • How this can help you define your brand. ​
  • Start working towards a genuine inbound marketing business process.​

BCMC… Starting Your Journey.

This may be taking you back to the beginning and helping  you build your brand.

Helping you to define your WHY and building your brand voice. 

It may be helping your team understand content marketing, and that creating content isn’t scary! 

For some businesses it could be explaining the importance of holistic marketing and focusing on your customers journey. 

Perhaps it will be helping you understand the fundamentals of social selling & why this is so important… 

Regardless of where your journey starts & ends we will be building specific goals with you to support your own business strategy. 

BCMC… Working With You.

Whatever the needs your business has we are here to work with you & for you. ​

Simply defining a new strategy & goals isn’t enough. No business strategy stands still. It evolves & expands as your business does. ​

We want to support you through the processes with regular updates, support, ideas & challenges. ​

Inspiring & supporting your whole business as it embarks on this journey.​

Ultimately the goal is to really energise your business. ​

Engaging your audience, inspiring them.​

Amazing them on their journey, and making them your greatest asset. ​

BCMC… The Ultimate Goal.

Whilst your management team may be interested in just the numbers, it is our job to educate them to the other benefits.

Simple things like reducing employee turn around, boosting productivity, increasing staff engagement and happiness.

Increasing client engagement and retention & giving your sales team some real actionable intelligence.

Generating leads for your business that are actually engaged.

Most importantly, for your management team, giving the bottom line a real lift.

Most importantly for you, helping you create an inbound strategy to drive you, your career and your company forward.

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