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What Is H2H Marketing?

What is H2H marketing?

H2H marketing is human to human marketing. Embracing the fact that all marketing is from one human to another.

The premise being that regardless of your business sector, industry etc. at the end of the day you are talking to a human.

Taken to the next level it involves removing the concept of B2B or B2C marketing.

In the UK this is something that seems rather novel, or niche. It isn’t. Inbound marketing embraces the H2H element.

H2H Marketing

What’s the difference between H2H marketing and inbound marketing?

Honestly, there isn’t really any difference.

At least there shouldn’t be.

Inbound marketing and H2H marketing are basically two names for the same thing.

Great inbound marketing is about understanding the person you are communicating with.

Offering them information and education that they will find beneficial.

Providing them this content in the way they would like it, and at a time and place that suits them.

The only real difference is that H2H marketing removes the tags B2B or B2C etc.

Is B2B or B2C not important?

Not really. Not from a marketing perspective.

However, it is important in many other areas of business so throwing this away completely could be a mistake.

Marketers should always have the human element in mind.

Creating their own great content to drive real engagement.

Remembering that it is a human that consumes this content and makes use of it.

Injecting personality, education, information etc. is a great way to so this.

As is story telling. We all love a great story!

Using content marketing to drive human engagement.

Content marketing, inbound marketing, social selling, the list goes on.

At the end of the day, what you should be trying to do is move away from old fashioned ways of generating leads.

For B2B organisations this can be hard.

Especially when things are going “ok”.

Unless, of course, ok is good for your business and there is no interest in growth.

When we talk to the world about our products or services we have to remember that we are talking to a human.

It will be a human that decides if what you offer is right for them.

We are not, yet, at the stage where machines choose the products or services that are right for our business.