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Social media in B2B marketing. Yes or No?

Don’t bother with Facebook for social media in B2B… Sound familiar?

How often do we hear these sorts of statements when discussing using social media in B2B marketing strategies?

It is also complete and utter rubbish.

Sure, Facebook has it’s problems and many people may say that it’s audience is dwindling with more and more social platforms becoming available.

But do you honestly think that the CFO, CEO, MD that you want to get in front of doesn’t have a profile?

Anyway, in this day and age, you shouldn’t be focusing solely on the head of the business, but on everyone in the organisation.

And more than that, do you really believe they never use the platform?

Of course they do.

Even if it is just to look at pictures of the family.

Social media in B2B marketing is a must if you really want to move to an inbound marketing process.

And deliberately ignoring one of the biggest platforms is simply crazy.

Social Media In B2B Marketing... Yes Or No?

Was the conversation with someone that isn’t a marketer?

I am willing to bet it was, that the conversation was with a senior member of management that doesn’t get involved in day to day marketing activity.

The reason I am so sure? Because I have been there and done it.

In fact, simlar things have been said about every platform under the sun.

Now you need to win this person over, and explain the importance of social media in B2B marketing.

The thing is, Facebook isn’t the prime location for most B2B organisations to generate leads.

But since when was everything about leads?

What about brand recognition, brand trust, re targeting to ensure your name stays in your prospects mind for when they are ready…

This is where all of these platforms come into play.

Inbound marketing is about generating leads, but it is about so much more than that.

At it’s very heart inbound marketing is about ensuring that your audience can engage with you and your content when, where and how they want.

How can they do this if you are not on the platforms that they are, providing content in a way that they want to receive it?

Use social media for B2B marketing, but be sensible.

As with every strategic element of marketing what you do need to do is be sensible with social media.

Certain things are really important when it comes to using these platforms.

Regularity of your posts, creating content that is native to the platform, content that doesn’t disrupt your viewer but works with their feeds.

Every platform is used differently, and users expect different experiences across them.

Don’t post a 1000 word article straight onto Facebook, it isn’t worth it.

By the same stretch, do make use of this article on LinkedIn.

The same person may well view you on both platforms, but their mindset is different on each of them.

And don’t try to do more than you can manage, if one post a day is all you have time for then do it. And stick to it!

Of course, building a strategy for this is important, it helps you focus your time, resources and desired outcomes.

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