Simplify Your Messaging! - Black Coffee Marketing Consultancy

Simplify your messaging & make it resonate.

How often have you had to explain what you do? More than once…

This is the issue, and it can be so easily avoided if you simplify your messaging and your product or service.

Why does Black Coffee exist? Because we believe that inbound marketing in B2B is the way forward for every company.

What do we do at Black Coffee? We want to help you build an inbound marketing strategy and support you as you make the changes.

Who is this for? Our core audience are B2B marketers.

How do we do it? By sharing our message, educating our audience and giving them the energy to make the changes.

Simple, right? Now, what do you do? Simply.

Of course, some of this has been discussed before… 

Simplify your messaging

If you simplify your messaging it becomes easier to understand.

This also applies to your content, but we will discuss that another day.

Over the weekend I had a great conversation with another marketer.

Our quick coffee lasted about 2.5 hours, and could easily have kept going.

During our conversation focusing on messaging, and simplifying your messaging took centre stage.

Why? Because it was something that we have both found companies struggle with.

And this is not exclusive to B2B organisations. The same can be said for companies across a huge spectrum.

What has caused this? Why do people feel that the more they have to offer the better?

We think that part of it is FOMO (fear of missing out).

Expanding offerings to find more leads.

This is quite likely what drives companies to expand their offerings. Whether products, services or other.

They have established, or are establishing, themselves in a particular niche.

But… If they add a little something extra they can up sell, cross sell etc.

Only, they are no longer experts in their field.

Ultimately this route will drive more products and services, and less expertise.

And then when it comes to marketing themselves they have a real challenge.

Marketing when you haven’t simplified your messaging.

This is a big part of why simplifying your messaging is so important.

How can you effectively market your product or service if you have more than you can talk about?

What is the point of having them if you can’t drive customers to them?

How do you get the right eyes on the right content… to drive real leads?

And then deliver that customer real benefit, a great buyer journey and really wow them with the outcome?

After all, this should be your goal as happy customers will always drive you more business.

The messier your offering, and the more complicated your messaging the less of an impact you can have.

KISS… Keep It Simple Stupid

A great expression, and not one that is heard often enough these days.

You want to drive your business forward.

Your company wants to be the biggest fish in their pond.

Management want you to be able to drive more leads of better quality.

Sales want to achieve better results year on year.

Then KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid.

Focus on your core product or service.

Double down your messaging around this.

Set yourselves up as the real thought leaders and the experts in your industry.

But don’t over complicate it. Get rid of the waffle. Simplify your language.

Make it easy for your prospects to find you and trust you.

We aren’t suggesting you stop selling things.

But for goodness sake, when you talk to the market place focus!

Be amazing at one thing.

Let people know you for something specific, and they will trust you.

And get your customers shouting your name from the rooftops because you completely smashed their expectations out of the park.