Quality Or Quantity In Content Marketing?

Content Marketing, Quality or Quantity?

The argument of quality or quantity in content marketing is on.

Spearheaded by the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk the question of quantity or quality in content marketing is making headlines.

If you haven’t seen what it is all about Gary’s argument can be seen here.

Have you already decided whether quality or quantity is more important?

Today I want to argue this a little differently. I would suggest that you need both.

No, don’t walk away, hear me out. And then tell me below what you think!

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It all starts with quality.

This is the basis of my argument. In order to produce quantity of content you have to have something to use.

We all know that creating content for our audiences can be time consuming. Although fun.

Creating really great content that gives your audience real benefit can be harder still. More so in some industries.

This is why, in this debate, quality is the starting point. But not the end.

If you have created any content at all take some time to look into what worked best.

And then consider why. The chances are it gave some real insights, or perhaps answered a vital question.

It probably wasn’t focused on sales, but on information, education, or pure pleasure.

There is a pretty high probability that it isn’t a short piece of content. Regardless of its format.

And if I were a betting man, I would guess that it took some real time for you to create as a team.

Great content doesn’t just happen by magic.

You know this, although you may find that others in your team (or management) don’t.

Hopefully they realise the importance of truly great content.

Those core pieces that draw your audience in, get them onto your site, and get them engaging with you.

This sort of content can take any number of forms.

It could be a keynote delivered by someone in your business, or an amazing article, perhaps a video or podcast.

But, again, regardless of it’s format it is not going to be short and sweet. Or that is pretty unlikely.

On this point, at a recent event I attended there was a bit of talk around pillar pages and their word counts…

Between 2000 and 10,000 words was the recommendation… So, not short, and delivering real benefit.

This is where the quantity comes in.

I think that when people are asked the question quality or quantity in content marketing they start in the wrong place.

The question itself is designed to lead us into giving an answer from the two options.

Clever really, as it then gives everyone the chance to talk about it.

Driving hundreds of conversations, in hundreds of companies.

And this is the point of the quantity element.

What we are not saying is that you must produce hundreds of amazing pieces of content very day / week / month or even year.

Think about this more as specific campaigns.

Where you use your amazing piece of quality content to feed the need for quantity.

After all, posting once a day on social is ok, twice is better, and multiple times on multiple channels is best.

Each one of these posts is a piece of micro content that you have created and shared.

Designed to drive your audience to the quality content.

Creating quantity from your quality content

This is the key, this is where this argument should lead us.

What is the point of spending hours or days on something incredible and then not getting it in front of your audience?

If you have a 1 hour video of a key note this isn’t suitable for sharing across the social platforms.

Taking snippets from the video of 30 to 90 seconds is.

Of course, how, when, where you share these is a topic for another day.

So is how you present them.

Maybe it isn’t a video, perhaps it is a great article.

Yet again, you want to share this across as many platforms as you can, LinkedIn and Medium in particular.

But when promoting it, use quotes from the article.

Tease and tempt your audience.

And share these as many times as you can, across as many channels as you can.

Keep an eye on what is working.

Audiences vary depending on your industry, focus, specialisation etc.

As we say, there is no magic sauce, or one size fits all way to do any of this.

What this means is that watching what works for your audience is damned important.

Track what works for these campaigns, what drives the traffic, what gets the clicks, likes, engagement etc.

And then repeat.

Fine tune your quantity to get the best out of your quality.

And then use this to help focus your quality onto what your audience wants.

What do you think? Content marketing, quality or quantity? Or do you think we have it right? Let us know below.

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