People Buy The Why. Not The Product Or Service.

People buy the why. Not the product!

When people buy, they buy because they have bought into your company it’s not just about a product.

Before we start talking about people buy the why, if you haven’t watched this TED talk, you should!

And then stop living under a bush!

This is the fantastic Simon Sinek explaining his golden circle, and this is something that every content creator and marketer should keep in mind.

People buy the why

Understanding your why.

For many organisations their why is lost in the depths of time.

Perhaps the company founder(s) still know and perhaps the management team has some idea.

Often though the people telling the stories don’t.

This is a problem, as marketeers our job is to tell stories that educate inform and entertain our audiences.

Even if you think you know your businesses why I challenge you to set time aside and ask others.

Note down their responses because the variations can speak volumes!

If you can speak with your founder(s) then that is a great place to finish this process.

Once you have done this pull the answers together and present them back.

Chances are you will all be amazed with the variations that people have in their mind.

Why is more important than what and how you do what you do.

Why is the dream.

The target.

The goal.

This is what sets you apart from your competitors, and allows everyone to buy into your company.

Advertisers have known this for generations.

Although it would seem none of them wanted to really write it down, or explain it to others.

Maybe they just didn’t realise the importance…

Despite this many marketing professionals spend their time focused on the immediate messages.

Things like; our product can do this for your company.

Or, our product can save this for you.

Or, our product makes this problem go away…

But why? Why does it matter? Why are you the right company to do business with?

Take 5 and have a think.

Think back to some of the best advertising campaigns you can remember.

A couple of my favourites include the amazing Guinness advert with horses breaking through the crest of a wave.

And from 2D media the Iron Bru adverts of many years ago.

What do your favourites have in common?

One thing they are likely to have avoided doing is hard selling.

They are more likely to have made you smile or made you think.

And they will probably be a pretty good reflection of  what you enjoy. Or perhaps what you aspire to.

Ok so you don’t have the budget for big advertising campaigns, that doesn’t matter!

You can do so much just by thinking about the stories you want to tell your audience.

Keep the why front and centre in your content.

Every piece of content that you create should start with your own why.

Why your company does whatever it is you do.

Not how you do it, or what you do for others.

Take some time and look back over your most recent pieces of content and your most recent campaigns.

I will bet that these are not focused on your why.

They will probably be focused on your product or its benefits. Unless you are creating content that is purely for education.

Now take the time to think.

Think about how you may be able to change this and change the way you talk to your audience.

Not wholesale, not all at once and not in a way that means you tear up everything you have.

Re-use your content.

Remember your content should regularly be re-purposed and re-used with relevant tweaks to it.

When you do this take the time to try and tell your audience a story.

Give them something to work with to educate and entertain them, you will be amazed by the results.

Most importantly is telling them why you are the company that they should be interested in.

Why you exist.

Why your founders started on this road.

What drove them to create this product and service.

If you can do this your audience will respond, it is simply human nature!

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