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Nailing Negotiations With PowerCall Training.

So often negotiation is the stumbling block in the customer journey.

Understanding how to negotiate effectively, with the right focus, is key to removing one of the biggest friction points in the customer journey.

Rather than re-write something we want to share an article from an expert with you.

Check out this link from PowerCall Global Training.

Even includes a great checklist for you to download!


Remember! The goal is to make every step of the journey as simple & easy as possible!

Inbound marketing as a business process is about making this journey simple & effective for your customers.

Evaluating each step of that journey, and addressing any areas that cause delays can yield amazing results.

After all, if you amaze your customer they can become your greatest asset in driving new business growth.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Black Coffee, or with our partners over at PowerCall Training for more info!