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Google Snippets… Good or Bad?

Everyone wants to rank number 1 on Google. What about above 1st place?

Google snippets are not inherently good or bad. Sorry folks.

It is about mindset and what you want from them.

What we can say for certain is that snippets are something that more and more businesses are targeting.

There is so much content out there about how to write to win one of these precious spots on Google.

The question today though, are Google snippets good or bad?

Not are they good or bad to have, their good.

But what is the wider implications for content marketers?

These are often referred to as no-click searches…

Are you starting to see where I am going with this?

Google snippets... Good or Bad?

To rank as highly as we can…

One of our goals as content marketers is to achieve the highest possible ranking on Google for our keywords.

Whilst trying to achieve this we track everything we can, we use as many tools as possible.

Diving into Moz, Uber Suggest and Google Analytics to see how we are doing has become second nature to many of us.

And with the rise of voice searches, and the very real focus on Google snippets we now have something else to target…

But this is where the problem is.

Can we write for a snippet? Yes.

Do we know which snippets we think we want? Yes.

How do we know what results we are able to get from achieving these???

Visibility into search success

This is our problem, right now. No-click searches aren’t traceable.

We don’t know how many people are actually seeing (or hearing) what is in these snippets.

Hell, we barely know if Google is actually giving us full insight into the people that do click!

We also don’t know if people reading the snippets then react to more of our content.

Are they compelled to click through to our site?

Or have we answered their immediate need? Do they then move on?

For many of us we only have our own habits to work on.

Personally, if I have read a snippet that actually answered my question I am pretty likely to just move on.

So I am giving nobody any idea that they have just influenced my thinking.

Are these Google snippets just an extension of our brand?

Brutally honestly, yes.

At this point in time this is probably the best way to think of them.

Because we do not know how many people see the snippet, are influenced by it etc.

We can’t apply metrics to them, or targets.

They have to become a branding exercise.

And this is the catch 22.

Of course we want our content up front and first in line.

We are proud when we achieve this, and when this drives real engagement for us.

When something we have written ranks well and get’s picked up we are overjoyed.

But writing for a snippet isn’t a quick thing.

It takes as much dedication as any blog.

And yet it may not drive traffic or conversions.

I am trying to remember the last time I clicked through on a snippet.

Or if I did, the last time that the site I visited left a lasting impression…

Maybe this is the proper issue?

So should we just ignore them?

Bloody hell no! No way!

But what we need to do is think more cleverly about how to target them.

Writing content for snippets is about clearly answering a specific question.

Sometimes one question just isn’t  enough for great content…

After all if you can clearly answer it in a few lines you may struggle to write a few hundred words.

So this then is the goal… Great content (as always) but answering a question at the start.

Why not create an article with a series of questions and answers?

FAQ’s are a great way for B2B organisations to start with this.

Especially if they really are FAQ’s, things that your prospects are asking you.

Or the terms they are using in Google to get to your website.

Just remember, our usual ways of measuring our content just don’t work with snippets.