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Nick Dunnett, Managing Director

Working with Black Coffee Marketing Consultancy has been an incredibly easy decision for us. From providing clear recommendations and plans through to delivering some very specific campaigns for the business. BCMC’s focus on clear communication & bespoke plans & processes makes ongoing engagement straight forward. With BCMC’s support we have introduced a successful content focused inbound strategy to complement our existing outbound marketing lead generation process.

Mike Pavely, Founder

Bumper is a start up with ambitious growth plans. Central to our success is an effective marketing strategy and clean brand identity.
We are an experienced team made up of seasoned operators but what we lacked was a core vision and structured approach to our marketing narrative and brand.

John’s holistic approach to engaging with our leadership team and direction in shaping our messaging around our core vision and offer to the market resulted in us moving quickly through areas we had been struggling with previously.

We kind of knew what we wanted but couldn’t seem to get there efficiently on our own.

As a result of engaging BCMC have also saved a good deal of time benefiting from the competitive access BCMC can provide to deliverable elements we would otherwise have been left to our own devices to try and manage and negotiate.

We are very happy with BCM and continue to work with John to provide ongoing strategic direction to release us to focus on the main priorities for our business during this pivotal growth stage.

Anthony Maddalena
CEO, PowerCall Training

I cannot praise highly enough the enormous value I have received from John Stovold’s hands-on recommendations regarding optimization of our inbound marketing strategy. He has an incredibly warm, friendly, accessible style and his straightforward approach has been vastly useful in terms of assisting us to really fine-tune the “what” and the “why” of our business. He is careful to lay out his advice and observations in easily digestible actionable steps, which really provoke deep thought and critical re-evaluations. His creative innovative approach, and grasp of current and future trends means he can be relied upon to future-proof your business.

Perhaps the greatest value of John’s solutions is that they assist organizations to exponentially improve articulation and positioning of their stories in the marketplace, in a manner that is guaranteed to drive brand loyalty, and increase inbound sales. I cannot recommend John and his agency highly enough, the time that you spend with him will undoubtedly be one of the best investments you ever make for your company.

BCMC Consulting… Energising Business Growth.​

At Black Coffee our goal is to work with you to build the very best inbound marketing strategy for your business.

Starting with who you are, who your company is, and why you exist.​ ​​Supporting you as you understand, define & build your brand.

​Building a marketing strategy to help your business move away from interruption marketing.

​Ensuring that the business knows their roles & responsibilities in ensuring that you amaze your customers.

Whether an established business or a new start up, we want to work with you to support your long-term business goals & growth.

Inbound Marketing… A Full Business Process​​.

Inbound marketing is not just about how you generate new business leads & customers for a business.​

For it to truly work the strategy has to involve more than just your marketing team.​

It should become central to everything that you do.​

From establishing your brand to wowing your customers, inbound marketing is a full business process.​

Whatever your industry, whoever your customer, it is your responsibility to ensure that you delight them at every step of their journey.​

At Black Coffee we believe that every company should be using a strategy that has been built for them & with them. Not out of the box.​

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